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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Week 8 Notice

Hi everyone, here we go for week 8 - can you believe it?

*Mass at 9am

*Golden: Time: we will try for our movie and popcorn again.

*Maths: This week we will continue with addition and subtraction problems.  We are trying to make our addition effective (getting the right answer) and efficient (quick and easy) so we are learning how to split the additive to do this.

eg if we have 45 + 7 =

We can make 45 a tidy number then add what is left.....

We know that 5+2 make 7  so we can add the 5 to 45 to make 50 (a tidy number) then add the 2 to make 52. 


45 + 5 = 50

50 + 2 = 52

We want the kids to be able to write the equation using these steps above.

The other kids are counting on so need to be able to hold 45 in their head, then count on 7
eg 45....46....47....48....49....50....51....52

Writing - this week we are writing explanations as well as some prayers about God's creations.

Reading - our reading is going very well.  We are focusing on going back to the beginning of the sentence if the reading sounds weird or doesn't make sense, hearing errors and fixing them and comprehending what we are reading.

*Next week we will be doing some assessments for the Portfolio which will go home at the end of the term.  Please have your child at school every day unless they are legitimately sick as it is really difficult to go back and get assessments done once the class has completed them.

Have a great week

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